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Licencias de Oracle   Cód.:licencias
Suministro e Instalación de Licencias de todos los productos Oracle

Oracle Database:

- Standard Edition One
-Standard Edition
- Enterprise Edition
- Personal Edition
- Lite Mobile Server
- Lite Client
- all Enterprise Edition Options
- all Database Enterprise Management
- Secure Backup
- Data Watch and Repair Connector;


Application Server Products:


- WebLogic Server Standard Edition
- WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition
- WebLogic Suite
- Internet Application Server Standard Edition One
- Internet Application Server Standard Edition
- Internet Application Server Enterprise Edition
-SOA Suite for Non Oracle Middleware
- Business Process Management Suite for Non Oracle Middleware
- Forms and Reports
- Data Service Integrator
- Data Integrator Enterprise Edition
- Data Quality for Data Integrator (up to a maximum of 100 million records)
- Data Profiling
- GoldenGate
- GoldenGate for Non Oracle Database
- all WebLogic Suite Options
- all Application Server Enterprise Management

  Business Intelligence Technology Products 
- Business Intelligence:

- Standard Edition
- Standard Edition One
- Suite Enterprise Edition Plus
- Suite Enterprise Edition Plus Upgrade Only
- Server Enterprise Edition
- Business Intelligence Publisher

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